So here’s your first gem: Hialeah based rock band Falseta. I went to the Rock Culture Showcase at The Stage Miami in the Design District on September 15th, 2011. One of musicians’ main complaints about bars and clubs is that their systems are not set up for optimum sound. That is not so with The Stage. It is known for being one of the few venues that has a sound system, so everything sounds 10 times better than it would in any other club, which is what makes it such a great venue to listen to bands.

Now to the band! They played a 45-minute set alongside three other local bands (Urban Rebel, Brand Name Punk, and The Deadly Blank. Check them out too!). Falseta’s sound, as described on their Facebook page, is described as “rockistic” and “the kind of music metal dudes listen to with their girlfriends”. I think that if you love Incubus, you’ll love these guys too. But don’t take our respective words for it, check them out below:

If you go to The Stage in the future, get there early so you can find a place to park in the back lot, otherwise you’ll probably get stuck parallel parking. The back lot is most likely the only place you’ll get charged (parking machine, pay by the hour) as most of the shows at The Stage have no cover charge. Oh, and bring cash too because the bar has a $20 minimum for credit cards.

Falseta’s next show is a 21+ show at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes on October 5th at 9:30.  No cover charge. So if you like what you heard here, go check them out there or on Facebook at


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