Gem number three comes in the form of a two-man band consisting of bassist Robert Bare and drummer Addison Smith. Together they call themselves Dark Rift. I saw them play at Churchill’s Pub in Little Haiti on November 23, 2011. Churchill’s is a dive bar in the classic sense: inexpensive drinks and billiards, small cover charges (if any) and good, local entertainment. It’s also one of the only places that still allows smoking inside. One of the more unusual things about Churchill’s, however, is that as soon as you park at the lot across the street from the pub, a “parking attendant” will come out and offer to “watch” your car for a dollar or two. They’ll even help you park – they’re just really after “tips”.

It’s been said that you aren’t a local band unless you’ve played Churchill’s, and as any band or patron who’s been there in the pub’s 32-year history could tell you, it’s the “beating heart of Miami’s independent music scene” *.

Dark Rift is off to a good start. They’ve only been playing together for three months but they have a solid sound as well as truly hilarious lyrics (one of their songs is about guacamole, for example).  Below is the band in full form, playing a song called “A Pirate’s Life”.

They cite Justin Bieber as one of their influences because “he never says never”.

Dark Rift’s next show is The Winter Welcome on December 11th, 2011, at Churchill’s Pub. As of this writing, there is no mention of a cover charge, but bring $5-7 just in case. The pub is 18+ unless mentioned otherwise.

For more information on Dark Rift or Churchill’s, go to!/DarkRiftMusic?sk=info or



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